Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Night

Hi Everyone, this is Melissa.
Today has been an uplifting day and we will take it!! Dave was taken off his deep sedation at 8am this morning and the Neurosurgeon came around 9:30 for a thorough neurological exam. I stayed in the room to witness the results myself, this is what I saw.
Dave currently has one eye (right) that is a lot worse than the other, that eye took the harder hit.

During exam, his better eye (left) had some minimal dialiation when light was shined in, something that did not happen several days ago. His bad eye still has no reaction to light.

Doc then did an exam where he jerks the head back and forth in a quick motion to see if the eyes will float with the movement. His worse eye had no movement, but his better eye did have some slow movement, showing it was tracking.
Then there was a test where ice cold water was shot into his ear and we had no reaction with either ear.

The last test was for the Doc to agitate his upper chest with hand movement and we all noticed that Dave's left arm had lifted half up along his stomach and his fingers kinda clinched in, as if he was trying to grasp something (positive sign), also new for us to see as he has been flexing his arms outward previously (which was a negative reaction). When this vigorous motion was done on his right side, Daves hand ever so slightly moved.

After the exam, the Doc came to us and said Dave has progressed up the Glacow coma scale to a 5,6-ish, previously a 4!!!

Later this evening around 5:30, they were changing his head dressing and while Brooke was holding his left hand, she noticed that when they were lifting his head to re-wrap it, Dave was agitated and made a slight fist clinching her fingers and slighting drawing it up towards his chest.

These are the small baby steps we've all been praying for and hope they continue. Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts and support! The outpour of support and love for Dave is being felt and is being appreciated more than you will ever know!!
Much Love!!


  1. WOOHOOO! You guys are doing a great job helping him to improve. Hang in there. Thanks for the detailed update Melissa . . . you will make a great nurse! We look at this all day waiting for your updates.
    God Bless
    Lauri Sampson

  2. We will definitely take baby steps at this point. Tell him way to go for us and to keep the hard work!
    Kevin and Leah Stewart

  3. This is great news! As the Stewarts put it, "We will take baby steps"! He is doing great as is his whole support team there. Hugs to him for fighting so hard.
    Lisa & Gerry Messier

  4. we are friends of a friend...and praying hard...
    wishing for peace and progress each day!
    Kristin Camiolo & family

  5. Any sign of progress is a good sign no matter how small!! The updates have been wonderful...thank you for taking the time to let us all know how Dave is doing. Please remember to take care of each other as well....Dave will need you all to stay strong.

    Danny and Bonnie Brosamle

  6. Our prayers continue for Dave and each of you. I am a Regina graduate and we are all family, no matter what year (1966) we graduated. We will be offering prayers at Saturday evening's Mass. With all of your support, Dave will feel that and we pray for continued improvement.
    God Bless and Keep You all.
    Phyllis and Mike Ferrel

  7. Prayers from Australia - friend of a friend of a friend sent me here -

  8. Very encouraging words...You, your family and especially Wiz are in our prayers. Dave and I worked together in Oki and I deployed with him last summer then we both PCSd to Nellis where we continued to fly together. Suffice it to say, we've shared some tough missions together. Undoubtedly, this one is by far the toughest as I can't render the type of aid that comes easiest. We attended the same church services in Oki, and I want you to know that my wife, son and I will continue to focus our prayers on all of you. Despite our not meeting previously, any friend of Dave's is a friend of ours...If there is anything we can do, to include just flying in to be there, all you have to do is ask. We are in your service "That Others May Live to Return With Honor."
    J and Genean Harmon, (Combat Rescue Officer)
    Personal Cell: (702) 575-4968
    any time, day or night.

  9. Keep fighting the good fight Wiz, I am praying for you Brother.
    -Terry Hobbs

  10. Dave, Bev, Chet, Craig, Matt and Melissa

    Continue to fight and keep moving forward. Dave is such a strong fighter and he has the greatest love and support anybody can get. Our Prayers and Hope are with you all and Thanks for keeping everyone up-to-date.
    The Prucha's

  11. GREAT NEWS! We will keep the prayers coming!
    Linda Scheetz

  12. Such wonderful news!! So glad to hear that things are heading in the right direction. You all are in our thoughts and prayers. Stay strong.
    Trisha Healy