Saturday, June 12, 2010


Talked to the neurosurgeon and found out that there is now swelling on the brain stem. He is on his way to get a MRI which will be able to tell us just how bad the injury is. He is still unconscience and his pupils are not responding to light. However he still has his defensive blink when a cotton swab touched his eye. We will now more in a couple hours. The Co-pilot is doing well and his Gunner will be ok with a few bumps and bruises.


  1. Lots of positive thoughts and well wishes to David and your family. There are many who are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks to David for serving our country and hope he is on the road to recovery soon.

    Also, thanks for posting this blog so that we may keep up on your journey.

  2. Thanks for the continuous updates. There are alot of people praying for him and for you guys. Hang in there. He is a fighter and has tons of people in his corner.