Friday, June 11, 2010

At First Glance

Well we've finally made it to DC. It was a very anxious flight from Chicago to Reagan National. We all had anxious feeling traveling from the air port to the hospital not knowing what to expect when we saw David. Melissa was the first to see him. We are glad she was able to see him before us, seeing they will be married in Sept. For the rest of us, we know that he is in very good hands. We will be talking to a neurosurgeon tomorrow morning. Anxious to know what he/she has to say. Thank you everyone who has been praying for David and the rest of the Family. We dearly appreciate it.


  1. So glad to know you are all together in the same place now. Having family around will be some of the best medicine for, David. Thoughts & prayers with all of you.

  2. We are very happy to hear you made it to DC and the family is now together. Having everyone there is the best thing for Dave and the family to get through this difficult time. Many prayers are being said for all of you.

  3. We can't imagine what you are going through at this time, but know you have a lot of prayers coming your way.

    Danny and Bonnie Brosamle