Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh Crap!!!!

I know by the sounds of the title it doesn't sound good. On the other hand, it is very good. This morning was an uneventful day. We went up to see him and tell him good morning. In the process, David swallowed as if he was chewing on something. After he swallowed, he had drool running down his face ( on I know this may sound like to much information but it leads to this evening before dinner). The nurse was going to suction some of his salvia out and in the process, Dave proceeded to bite down on the tube. To us these are great signs as we know David and his personality.
Now for the evening and the meaning for the title. This evening before we left for something to eat, we met with the neurosurgeon who is working with David. Yesterday he told us that we would meet with him everyday just to say hi. Well after he was finished talking, dad asked him a few questions that dad noticed from the morning. The surgeon had no explanation for why David was turning his head or biting down. The doctor told us that he should not be doing anything to that extent. The doctor looked at the nurse and us as if we were nuts. The oh crap look the doctor had came after the nurse had confirmed that David has been doing those actions ( mainly because he kept telling us that they are just reflexes, well these weren't reflexes). So its always a great day to hang the hat when the neurosurgeon has no clue why he's doing those things. So for us today was a fantastic day and just another small step in the right direction. Please keep sending your prayers and thoughts.


  1. That is great to hear. Wiz has a lot of people pulling for him from all over the place. I know for sure that there are plenty of Tucson people with the big guy in their prayers. Please, let him know that we are thinking of him...

    -Derrick Bloom

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.

    Michelle Griffieon

  3. Keep fighting Wiz. We'll see you soon.
    The J's

  4. Great news!! Just another example of doctors are smart but even they can't explain God's healing power (and a strong-willed, determined patient!). Keep up the positive thoughts & make sure to keep passing them on to, David! And as always, lots of thoughts & prayers from me to all of you.

  5. Sounds like things are headed in the right direction! Keeping you all in our thoughts and many prayers.

    Danny and Bonnie Brosamle

  6. great news:) the power of prayer at work , keep your heads up David is fighting :)))))))) love and prayers, CIndy

  7. Great news! Thanks for all the updates! Prayers for you all.

    Tara (Sands) Barchers

  8. To Dave and the entire Wizniewski Family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during these trying times. I had the honor of working with Wiz (to include 2x deployments) while we were both assigned with to the 33 RQS.

    The "Big Guy" is a fighter and, based on the updates, he is showing us all that there is still a lot of fight in him.

    My family and I will continue to keep you all in our thoughts!

    Sincerely yours,

    Abe Salomon and Family

  9. God's capacity to heal is limitless and these are true examples of his blessings! Please know that my husband Tom and I are thinking of and praying for Dave, Mel and the entire Wisniewski family.

    Sincerely - Jen Kunkel

  10. We've been wondering all day about how he's doing, thanks for these updates. Our prayers haven't ceased and won't! Much love to your family, The Crofts

  11. The message below is from Curt/Leneah Havlicek (and pertains to the Methodist Church here in Moville). Take care of yourselves while they are taking care of David and he will need you healthy later! Diane

    Here is her message...
    Diane - please pass on to them that we are thinking of them. Our church offered up prayers for David and his family Sunday during our church service.

  12. Still adding our prayers and good thoughts to David and his family to.God is watching over him.

    Dave & Rhonda

  13. To introduce myself, I'm freddy, another 60 pilot. I was in Dave's squadron in school. Wanted to send my thoughts and prayers. I look forward to reading about his recovery!


  14. This is great news!!! He is definately showing all of us who care so much about him and your family the fight he has in him!!! Thanks for updates!! We are all pulling for him!!! We will keep the prayers coming!!
    Michelle (Brosamle) Willer

  15. What great news! God works in ways that nobody can begin to explain...he is so good! We continue to pray for David, Melissa and the entire Wisniewski family, along with the Doctors and staff. Thank you for the updates!
    God Bless,
    Tiffany Kersey-Johnson

  16. Thanks for the updates. I check the sight a couple times a day along with other staff at Coralville Central. I will continue to pray for David and all of you.
    Linda Scheetz

  17. Melissa, I know he can't wait to open his eyes and see you. Hang in there and don't let up. Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. These updates are fantastic, so please keep posting as many as possible.
    Lauri Sampson

  18. Great news! I had the pleasure of working with him in the 33 RQS. He's a great guy and I have many people praying for him! Thanks for all the updates.

    Stacy Eberspacher