Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hotel arrangements for Iowa City

If you are needing a hotel accommodation you can call Quality Inn and Suites at 319-354-2000 and the their address is 2525 North Dodge St Iowa City, IA 52245. Just off of Exit 246 on I-80.

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  1. My name is Cpl Whitaker and let me first say im sorry for your loss. I have heard the WBC (Westboro Babtist Church) plans to picket this funeral and want you to know that i have made some calls and the local national guard, and my friends and family and many others will be present to shield you from this with your permission. Im stationed in Hawaii (origianlly from Iowa) and am sick by this and we will support you in your loss. You will not need to worry about them in your time in moarning. Again i am sorry for your tragic loss. Please let me know if this is ok? 808-295-9891 Cpl Nathan Whitaker or OORAH from the Marines!!!